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Get Empowered to be Well. 

Hi, I'm Nicole.
Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach. 

I help you take charge of your health by empowering and educating you to make the changes you  want in your health and lifestyle. From stress management to boundary setting and everything in between.


With a whole person approach I can help you navigate and feel empowered to make the changes you want to start living your most healthy life and provide you the support to ensure those changes are long-lasting.


After working in healthcare for 15 years, I understand how confusing it is to navigate your health. I can help bridge the gap and help you propel forward into a happy and healthful life. Lasting change is possible, I can’t wait to talk with you!


You are finally in a place where you find the guidance and support you need to make sustainable change in your life and health.

Let’s discover your health goals with a tailored approach.

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